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Love & Leadership: Create Superheroes and Unleash Productivity to Get Epic Shit Donw

Mike McFall is the co-founder and co-CEO of BIGGBY® COFFEE, one of the fastest-growing coffee franchises in the United States. Despite not having an MBA or being a workaholic, McFall has built his career through hard work and real-world experience. He prioritizes people and purpose over business jargon and fancy presentations, and his pragmatic solutions are forged from this philosophy. McFall understands that people are the most important ingredient to any successful enterprise, and he helps employers create a purpose-driven business that will transform the world and improve people’s lives. McFall is the author of Grind (2019) and Grow (2023), the first two books in a three book series, which offer practical advice for entrepreneurs looking to turn their business concepts into successful ventures. He is also a Public Speaker, and teaches a class on entrepreneurialism at The University of Michigan Center of Entrepreneurship. In his free time, McFall plays and coaches hockey and has a Moonshot to one day own the Detroit Red Wings.


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Mike McFall
Co-Founder and CEO

Tony Rubleski
Mind Capture Group

How to Positively Disrupt Your Mindset & Business

Tony is the president of Mind Capture Group, where his message is designed to help people "capture" more minds and profits. He is an in-demand speaker who’s given hundreds of presentations as well as an executive business coach, bestselling author, and creator of the Mind Capture Bootcamp, now in its 12th year. His Mind Capture book series has spawned multiple bestsellers in a variety of business and coaching categories on Amazon. The acclaimed series has received many endorsements from a wide range of leaders in marketing, sales, psychology to academia and multiple New York Times bestselling authors. His work has been featured in various media outlets ranging from Toastmasters International magazine, The Detroit Free Press, the FOX TV network, ABC, NBC, to CNN Radio, NPR and Entrepreneur Magazine Radio. In addition, he has also served as a Faculty member with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and CEO Space International.



Finding Fun in Your Work

Robyn Schopp has developed a career out of finding the fun in the business at hand. She has worked in fields ranging from manufacturing and technology to corporate training and HR, and throughout each experience, she has discovered ways to leverage the power of FUN to help people and organizations get more out of each work day. She has developed a Model of Workplace Fun that categorizes and supports strategic activity with different ways people can find the fun in their work.

Robyn Schopp.jpg

Robyn Schopp
Gordeaux Consulting

Greg Coyne
Sandler Training - Gerry Weinberg & Assoc.

During the past decade, as an awarded Sandler Consultant and Facilitator, Greg has developed powerful tools and techniques that have companies to dramatically increase revenues; by changing their mindset around behaviors, attitudes, and the techniques they use.  A significant number of his clients have a 30% or better increase in their revenues within the first twelve months of engagement.

Greg has been featured in many publications including the Michigan Business Network and the Small Business Association of Michigan; as well as numerous podcasts, including, “Time to Shine,” “Business Vitality,” and “The J & K” Podcasts.

Greg’s professional background also includes over 15 years as a business development and customer care agent for international companies EDS, Fleet Capital Leasing, and CBS Outdoor.

Greg’s Motto: ”You only live once, so do everything twice.”


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Torre Miller
Diesel Fuel Doctor

Torre is the Principal at Diesel Fuel Doctor, starting the company on July 1, 2006. Prior to that he was an independent representative. Torre is a lover of family, old dogs, old  boats, and old cars. He is always curious, but pretty content. 


Miller, Torre Diesel Fuel Doctor.JPG

Ron Olson
Michigan DNR

RONALD A. OLSON – has served as Chief of the Michigan Parks and Recreation Division, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, since 2005 where he directs and oversees the state park system that consists of 104 diverse state parks and recreation areas, 140 state forest campgrounds, 300,000 acres of land, and hosts 35 million visitations annually, including 5 million at Belle Isle Park.  Ron has also served as Director in Ann Arbor, Michigan and other jurisdictions in Maryland, Indiana and Minnesota.


Ron earned his bachelor’s degree in recreation and park administration at the University of Minnesota and his master’s degree from Indiana University. Olson is active in the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA), the National Association of State Park Directors (NASPD), and a member of the American Academy of Park and Recreation Professionals (AAPRA). Olson served as President of the Michigan Recreation and Park Association (MRPA) and is past president and one of the founders of the MRPA Foundation.


Ron Olson.jpg

Kevin Todd
Maner Costerisan

Kevin joined Maner Costerisan in 2022 and is a manager in the Tax department. Kevin’s responsibilities include tax compliance in reviewing for-profit business returns, individual returns, as well as tax planning. He also provides support for federal and state tax controversy work. Prior to Maner, Kevin owned a practice in southeast Michigan. His practice focused on representing taxpayers to resolve federal and state tax issues as well as tax compliance for a range of businesses and individuals, including US expatriates and tax residents. Kevin also has previous experience in controller-level positions in retail, healthcare services, property management and other roles such as database systems design and administration. Kevin’s undergrad was in accounting information systems, and he was able to tie his technical knowledge and experience into financial services. After graduation, Kevin discovered that he enjoyed tax work and working with clients to ensure they were well-informed and understood how their choices impacted their tax situations.


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Warren Call
Traverse Connect

Warren Call is the President & CEO of Traverse Connect, the economic development organization for the Grand Traverse region, which supports area businesses through a combination of attraction and expansion strategies, talent development efforts, chamber programs, and strategic coordination among partner agencies. Traverse Connect also hosts the Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance, a coalition of 16 chambers and economic development organizations representing 7,500 businesses across Northern Michigan that advocates for rural northern Michigan and to move forward rural-centric business policies.


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Maddin Hauser Attorneys
Katie Brown, Deb Lapin and John Mackenzie

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