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KEYNOTE - The Target is You... Cybersecurity Fundementals

- Chad Paalman and Angela Hill, Nuwave Technology Partners
Your business is run in a digital age where more and more information is stored “in the cloud.” Hackers, spam, and phishing is getting more advanced and hard to notice. Be sure your information, customer data and transactions are protected! Learn how and why you are a target of cybercrime and nation-states. This panel  presentation dives into who and what the targets are, where they are coming from, what the threats are, the motives behind the threat, how they exploit, the associated consequences and risks associated with cybercrime - and how to protect yourself and your business.

KEYNOTE - Zap the Gap Generational Difference Rexxamined

-Meagan Johnson
For the first time in history, five distinct generations Traditionals, Boomers, Xers, Millennials and iGen (aka, linksters) are working side by side. Each has differing values and seemingly incompatible views on how the workplace should function, these generations can stir up conflict, turnover, the lack of engagement, and frustration. Think of generational differences as individual learning styles. There is no one-size-fits-all solution that works for the learning preferences of each generation. Some will work well for learners from one generation but aren’t well received by those from other generations. The time in which each learner grew up greatly influences their values (Meagan refers to these values as signposts). Values influence expectations, behavior, and experiences. Given the historic generational diversity in today’s workplace, we must move beyond our signposts to accommodate the generational differences in today’s workplace.

Great Lakes Water Levels
Learn more about the impact of rising water along the Great Lakes shore, and consider further water level changes in the longer term. To what degree have the Great Lakes recently risen? What has been the real impact of rising water levels on Michigan’s natural resources, tourism and infrastructure? How are businesses and communities managing the change? Hear other businesses, and bring your input to the conversation!

Don't Kill Your Golden Goose - Protect & Perpetuate your Marine Business

-Larry Oxenham, American Society of Asset Protection
Become invincible to lawsuits, save thousands in taxes, and successfuly pass assets to heirs.

Reboot: Clean Marina Online Classroom - streamlined and specific for MI Marinas
Pledge and newly certified as well as veteran certified Clean Marinas have the chance to plug and play with the newly revised and streamlined Clean Marina Online Classroom. The new online classroom merges important best practices content and links with a new Michigan certification checklist. Marina owners and operators as well as marina consultants will walk through the updated certification steps and have an opportunity to provide feedback on the usefulness of the online classroom. Participants will also hear updates on a green infrastructure toolkit the Great Lakes Clean Marina Network is launching and upcoming 2020 workshops across Michigan.

Rising Leaders Session
- Meagan Johnson, Generationalist
How can knowledge of other generations lead to climbing the ladder of success at your business ? 

KEYNOTE - The Economy Today

-Charlie Dougherty, Wells Fargo

Hear about today’s economy and factors that can impact your business and the recreational boating industry, including US and global conditions, household income and net worth, the value of the U.S. dollar, credit markets and what is on the horizon!

KEYNOTE - Human Resources Hot Topics Q&A Panel

-Jodi Schafer, HRM Services & Cliff Hammond, Foster Swift

Leaves of absence, substance abuse, wage regulations, social media policies, romance in the workplace in the wake of #metoo, and many other "hot topics" will be addressed by experts in the field. Send your HR questions ahead of time to 


Using Video to Create Good Content and Inbound Marketing to Brand, Sell and Attract Talent

- Brian Town, Michigan Creative

There are many low-cost tools available to use in making video that is captivating, grows your audiences, and gives your products and business a leg up on the competition. Learn more from this session!


The Digital Sales Professional: How to Masterfully Sell, Influence, and Win Trust in the Digital Age

- Marcus Sheridan

Certain aspects of sales will always be the same. But on the other hand, with the explosion of digital, technology, and the internet-- sales professionals have an opportunity to do things they've never traditionally done, and get exceptional results in the process. In this powerful talk full of immediate takeaways, you'll learn new ways to sell, drive trust, and influence your prospects and customers like you never have before.

KEYNOTE - The Digital Consumer:  How Today’s Buyer Has Changed and What Your Business Must Do About It

- Marcus Sheridan

More than any other time in the last 100 years, the buyer of today has made a dramatic shift in the way they make purchasing decisions. Unfortunately, many companies haven’t adapted to this shift and are not prepared for the continual evolution of this “digital consumer.” In this talk, Marcus Sheridan brings clarity to the way buyers have changed and exactly what companies must do to, not only align themselves with this shift in buyer patterns but take advantage of the digital age as well.  If you like to be engaged, challenged, and moved, you’ll love this keynote with Marcus Sheridan!


In this talk, attendees will:

  • Learn the shift that has happened with today’s buyer and what that means for sales and marketing departments going forward

  • Discover exactly what types of content and messaging move the sales needle and truly get results

  • Find out how video and visual learning is impacting the buying process and what organizations must do to be seen as a “media” company

MI Clean Marina Classroom (optional free add-on)

Get a head start on the path toward certification, work one-on-one with the Clean Marina Certification Specialists, Engage in interactive presentations that highlights the most important lessons and recommenations of the program, get tips from clean marinas and learn more about the program’s new and improved certification process. Click here for more information
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